Public School vs. Private School

When your children are ready to enroll in school, you’ll need to make an important decision about the type of education you want them to receive. This means choosing between private school or public school. Many successful students have thrived at public and private schools. You’ll need to decide what kind of learner your child is before settling on a school. Here are things to consider.

School Comparison Facts

Cost of Schooling

Most parents balk at the idea of paying for school for young children, but the fact is, if you want your children to go to a private school, it will cost you. Some private schools can give your child benefits for a small amount of tuition. Many parents prefer private preschools as a solid start. A private preschool staffed with teachers who have Montessori teacher training can be an advantage for beginning schoolers.

Class Size is Important

Class size is also a big concern for parents and sometimes leads them to smaller schools. Parents should look at each school’s student-to-teacher ratio. In many private schools, you’ll find very small class sizes. Teachers can work more closely with individual students to get more accomplished. Unfortunately, in some school districts, public schools are overcrowded with large class sizes, making some students feel ignored.

Learning Curriculum

Students can excel in both types of educational settings. Public schools often follow a state-sanctioned curriculum with a sequence of required classes. In the private school setting, educators may have a little more flexibility in designing the learning curriculum for each individual student. Some private schools offer religious studies and programs based on a certain faith, while public schools are strictly secular.

Admission Requirements

The final thing to understand about private and public schools is enrollment. Your child’s public school is usually determined by your address, while private schools typically require students to apply for admission. The top students usually get admitted to the most exclusive private schools. There are many excellent private and public schools in the country, and you’ll be able to find the right one for your child.