Accidents on Government Property

Have you ever been injured on government-owned property? You may think there are no available options for getting the government to take legal responsibility. Although the existence of "sovereign immunity" prohibits citizens from suing the government for injuries occurring on public property, there are some exceptions. The Federal Tort Claims Act allows citizens to file personal injury suits against the government for injuries sustained on federal properties.

The Government's Responsibility for Accidents

Accidents are Increasing

While there are many possible ways a person can be injured on government property, some are more common than others. In fact, a personal injury attorney near me has indicated that there has been a rise in personal injury accidents occurring on public properties. Some of the most frequent injuries include slip-and-falls in government buildings, drownings in public pools, and car accidents on poorly maintained roads.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents are Common

One of the main foundations of injury liability claims against the government is the idea that the federal and state governing entities have a responsibility to make public property safe for visitors. This means if you are injured from slipping and falling in a government building, you may have a successful claim if you can prove the government was negligent in protecting the public against dangerous conditions.

Accidents Caused By Federal Employees

Depending on the circumstance, the government may be held liable for injuries sustained at the hands of federal or state employees. For example, if a student is assaulted by a public-school teacher, a person is injured in a mass-transit vehicle, or a government employee injures a citizen in the course of work, the government entity may be held responsible.

How to Begin an Injury Claim Against the Government

If you feel you have a legitimate claim from injuries that occurred on government property, there are certain requirements you must follow to pursue that claim. It's vital to make a comprehensive and detailed record of the incident as soon as possible and submit it to the correct government entity. Having photos, videos, and witness statements can help your cause. You may also hire a personal injury attorney to represent you.